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11 Types of Sales Management

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Sales management is the practice of directing and controlling sales teams and functions. The following are common elements of sales management.

Sales Planning

Developing sales objectives, targets, strategies and a plan that outlines how targets will be met.


Developing incentive structures such as sales quotas that align to your strategy.


Estimating sales for upcoming weeks and months based on data from your pipeline.

Sales & Operations Planning

Working with operations to align output with sales forecasts. For example, a fashion company that breaks down shoe sales by model and color so that a production line can produce the required items in time.

Sales Process

Implementing and managing a process of identifying leads, qualifying leads, developing opportunities and proposals, closing deals and managing customer relationships. Improving processes on a continual basis.

Sales Tools

Sponsoring information technology projects to provide productivity tools to sales teams.


Cultivating valuable customer and market data and using it to improve strategy and forecasts.

Performance Management

Goal setting and performance management for sales teams.

Team Development

Using techniques such as team selling and product knowledge training to develop skills.


Providing leadership in dealing with fast moving competitive situations such as proposal development, negotiation and closing.

Financial Management

Managing the financial structure of deals such as margins.
Overview: Sales Management
The practice of directing and controlling sales teams and functions.
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