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3 Examples of Service Production

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Service production is the process of delivering a service to customers. It is a common term in many industries that's analogous to product production by an assembly line. The following are illustrative examples of service production.

Financial Services

A bank offers a network of 24/7 bank machines to customers as a service. The production of the service involves replenishment, customer service, maintenance, monitoring, delivery of information technology and security.

Information Technology

A software-as-a-service company offers business software to corporate customers using cloud servers and mobile clients. Service production involves deployment, operation, maintenance, monitoring, information security, capacity management, facility management, service level management and customer support.


A catering company offers food services for business events and weddings that often have hundreds of guests. They view their kitchen as a batch production line with each meal going through a series of 6-8 steps and a quality control inspection before being served.
Overview: Service Production
The process of delivering a service to customers.
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