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7 Examples of Service Variety

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Service variety is a business model based on offering a large number of services at a single location. This is convenient for customers and may have other benefits such as reducing cost or risk. The following are illustrative examples of service variety.


A firm that offers consulting across a large number of professions including leaders, experts, generalists, managers and specialists in a variety of domains.


A luxury hotel that offers a variety of services including transfers, valet parking, concierge, currency exchange, room service, business center, spa, pool, library, entertainment facilities, shopping, nightlife and dining.

Business Services

A hospitality management service that can provide every service required to operate a hotel from food services to landscaping.


A streaming video service with a broad selection of movies, documentaries, tv shows, cartoons, music and other media.


A big hospital with facilities and expertise to diagnose and treat a large number of diseases and conditions. Many patients will feel safer going to a medical facility that can handle anything.


A business software platform that handles common business automation and productivity tools in areas such as marketing, sales, accounting, human resources, asset management, business intelligence, ecommerce, procurement and operations.


Governments that offer a broad number of services from a single location as a means of reducing administrative burden. For example, the ability to renew your drivers license, health card and business license at the same place.
Overview: Service Variety
A business model based on offering a large number of services from a single source.
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