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40+ Types of Strategic Thinking

 , October 12, 2016
Strategic thinking is the ability to achieve goals in a constrained and competitive environment. It includes fundamental thought processes such as creativity, logic and calculation as well as specific techniques of strategy development. Strategic thinking deals with complexities such as markets, human behavior, rapid change and uncertainty that may require a firm grasp of mathematics, history, culture, society, technology and economics. The following are common approaches to strategic thinking.


Formulating goals and painting a vision of the future.

Strategy Formation

Developing actionable strategies that are likely to achieve goals given your constraints and obstacles such as competition.

Strategic Leadership

Motivating and directing teams to achieve a strategy.
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Concrete Goals vs End Goals

The difference between goals and end goals.


An overview of top-down with examples.

Business Strategy

An extensive list of business strategies.


A reasonably comprehensive guide to strategy.

Baseline vs Benchmark

The difference between a baseline and a benchmark.

Strategy vs Tactics

A definition of strategy vs tactics with two examples.

Competitive Advantage

A list of common competitive advantages.

Macro Environment

A list of macro environment components.

Competitive Advantage vs Distinctive Capability

The difference between competitive advantage and distinctive capability.

Do Nothing Strategy

An overview of a common business strategy.


A definition of restructuring with examples.

Business Risks

A list of common business risks.

Risk Treatment

The four things that can be done about risk.

Risk Management Effectiveness

A metric for measuring risk management.

Positive Risk

The potential that you'll achieve too much of a good thing.

Dread Risk

Any risk that people have a strong aversion too.

Risk Taking

The definition of risk taking with examples.

Risk Examples

A list of risk examples by type.

Risk Probability vs Risk Impact

The two main factors in modeling a risk.

Calculated Risk

A definition of calculated risk with an example.

Relative Risk

How to calculate relative risk with examples.
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