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Tactics vs Shortcuts

 , updated on April 16, 2016
A shortcut is a lightweight solution to a problem. The term implies a low quality solution that skips due diligence in the name of expediency.
A tactic is a quickly drawn plan that takes advantage of changes in a competitive environment as they arise. It is common to use the term tactic as if it were analogous to a shortcut. This occurs because tactics are often compared to strategies, a much longer term type of plan. As compared to a strategy, tactics are quickly designed and executed. However, they need not be shortcuts.
Overview: Tactics vs Shortcuts
TypeBusiness Strategy
Shortcut DefinitionA lightweight solution that may skip steps.
Tactics DefinitionA plan to take advantage of opportunities as they arise.
Shortcut ExampleSkipping architecture and design steps when creating new software.
Tactics ExampleAn automotive company quickly changes its slogan and advertising to emphasize its safety record after a competitor experiences a series of safety related issues.
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