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20 Examples of Team Goals

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Team goals are objectives for the performance of a team. These are typically designed to support the goals of your organization. Likewise, individual goals are based on team goals resulting in a hierarchy of aligned objectives. The following are illustrative examples of team goals.


A goal to increase revenue such as a sales team with a monthly recurring revenue target.
Close sales of 27 million in monthly recurring revenue.


Non-revenue measures of the demand for products and services such as sales volumes measured in units.
Increase sales volume to 500 vehicles a month.


Measures of promotional efforts such as conversion rate, brand recognition and brand image.
Achieve a conversion rate of 5% across all offers.


Increasing the amount of output per employee. For example, a software development team with a goal to deliver more work as measured in story points.
Increase story points per employee per month by 12%.


Increasing the amount of output you get from inputs. For example, a data center team with a goal to reduce power consumption not devoted to computing by 33%.
Improve power usage effectiveness by 33%.


Throughput is the amount of work produced by a process such as a production line.
Increase production by 18%.


Reducing costs such as an IT team that replaces an expensive software package with an open source alternative.
Reduce software license costs by $900,000.

Risk Management

Goals related to identifying, treating and managing risk.
Identify operational risks and reduce risk exposure by $4.4 million.

Customer Satisfaction

Meeting customer needs and delivering diligent service.
Improve business class customer satisfaction to 77% from 43% for the Toronto to Singapore flight.

Turnaround Time

Turnaround time is the average time that it takes to complete a process or activity.
Reduce turnaround time for processing order cancellations to 22 minutes.

Stakeholder Satisfaction

Measuring the satisfaction of stakeholders such as internal customers.
Improve business unit satisfaction with IT services to 94%.

Employee Satisfaction

Measuring the job satisfaction of your team itself.
Improve job satisfaction on the team to 90%.

Schedule Variance

Schedule variance is a measure of on time delivery of commitments.
Reduce schedule variance to 5% for projects.


Quality is the value of a product, service or deliverable. For example, an electronics manufacturer with a goal to improve the perceived usability of products.
Improve customer perceptions of usability to 70% or higher.


Controls are validations that your outputs conform to your plans and specifications. For example, quality controls are tests that ensure that a product has been produced to quality specifications.
Decrease quality control defects to 0.001% of tested units.

Customer Experience

Improvements to the end-to-end customer experience such as a restaurant that seeks to improve the taste of menu items.
Improve customer perceptions of food quality by 20%.

Customer Loyalty

Improvements to customer loyalty and similar measures such as customer retention.
Improve customer retention to 95%.


Compliance with laws, regulations, standards and internal policy.
Achieve 100% compliance to our information security policy.


Reducing your firm's negative impact on people and planet.
Reduce the land footprint of our solar panel installations by 19% with roof top installations.

Return on Investment

Spending on business improvement is often measured with return on investment or a similar metric such as payback period.
Achieve a return on investment of 80% for the billing system upgrade project.

Types of Goals

The following are common types of team goals.


Team goals are aligned across an organization and are typically designed to be SMART.
Overview: Team Goals
Objectives for the performance of a team.
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