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54 Examples of Team Management

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Team management is the process of directing teams, processes and resources in order to achieve a mission, business function and set of goals. A team manager may be responsible for achieving objectives, delivering operational processes, making efficient use of resources and making sure that their team is productive and professional. The following are examples of team management functions.
Allocate resources
Approve and track expenses
Assign and monitor action items
Build relationships across organization
Clear issues
Coach employees
Conduct interviews
Coordinate team building activities
Cultivate a productive team culture
Delegate authority
Develop and improve processes
Develop and sustain partnerships
Develop forecasts and estimates
Develop metrics and KPIs
Develop reports
Develop team policies
Develop team standards
Develop team strategies
Develop work procedures
Ensure compliance
Ensure safety
Ensure team meets commitments such as deadlines
Evaluate performance
Implement plans
Improve efficiency
Manage change requests
Manage communications and team messaging with executives
Manage contracts
Manage knowledge, documents and records
Manage low performance
Manage projects
Manage schedules
Manage stakeholder expectations
Manage stakeholder relationships
Manage team productivity and work assignments
Manage vendors
Manage work schedules
Measure performance
Monitor progress
Monitor projects
Monitor work quality
Negotiate contracts
Onboard employees and contractors
Organize and lead team meetings
Perform regular goal setting with team members
Plan and manage team budgets
Promote team value and accomplishments across your organization
Provide feedback
Provide support
Recruit talent
Resolve team conflicts
Set and communicate priorities
Talent retention
Train employees

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