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Performance Management
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Performance Management
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Performance Objectives

15 Types of Team Objective

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Team objectives are a list of goals for a team that are used for performance management. These are typically reflected in the performance objectives of the team's manager and members of the team as applicable. Many organizations require that goals be SMART. The following are common types of team objectives.


Reducing a cost. For example, a train company that reduces the cost of train delays by managing platforms to help passengers board safely.


Efficiency is the output you get for a unit of input. For example, removing a bottleneck from a production line may increase output.

Labor Productivity

Labor productivity is the average revenue produced in an hour of work. Automation, tools and applications are typically designed to improve labor productivity. For example, software that reduces the time to create an architecture floor plan from 6 hours to 4 hours.


Increasing revenue. Teams that have a direct impact on sales typically focus on revenue objectives. For example, the sales targets of a sales or product management team.


Improving marketing metrics that are known to impact revenue such as brand awareness.


Data capture, processing and analysis goals. For example, an objective to develop 1000 qualified leads.

Cycle Time

Speeding up the cycle time of processes. For example, reducing the time to respond to customer inquires from 16 hours to 2 hours.


Improving the quality of products, services, processes or communications. For example, increasing the durability of a bicycle tire from 2,000 hours of use to 3,000 hours.


Managing risk. For example, reducing the risk of a data breach by encrypting data in storage.

Customer Service

Improving customer service with policies, procedures, training or organizational culture initiatives. Typically measured with customer satisfaction.

Customer Experience

Improving the end-to-end customer experience. For example, upgrading the decor of a restaurant. Typically measured with surveys and customer interviews.


Projects and initiatives may be measured as investments. For example, an investment in a new production line that is measured with return on investment or net present value.


Improving the employee experience. For example, transforming onboarding processes so that employees are all set up with everything they need the moment they first arrive. Measured with surveys and process efficiency metrics.

Environment & Communities

Reducing your impact on the environment and having a positive impact in the communities in which you operate. For example, replacing a toxic material with a harmless one.


Compliance to regulations and standards. Typically achieved by implementing controls and measured by achieving certification or by reducing non-compliances such as incidents.
Overview: Team Objectives
A list of goals for a team that are used for performance management.
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