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9 Examples of Technical Objectives

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Technical objectives are milestones that get you closer to a goal. The term is commonly applied to research and development efforts in a broad range of industries and domains. The following are illustrative examples of a technical objective.


Research or acquiring data.


Conducting experiments or tests.


Building out elements of a solution to gather information such as user feedback or to confirm feasibility.


Developing and implementing steps that solve a problem.


Foundational elements that support things like facilities, applications, systems and business processes.


Tools that can be used by people to achieve goals. In many cases, technology tools such as a business application are viewed as the objectives of a business and goals are targets that are meaningful to stakeholders such as revenue targets.


Systems and equipment that automate work. Automation is often viewed as an objective that achieves the end goals of a business such as efficiency.


Improving the quality of technology services is a common technical objective. For example, improving the availability of an application.

Measurement & Calculations

Developing measurements, calculations, metrics, reports and benchmarks.
Overview: Technical Objectives
Milestones that get you closer to a goal.
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