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18 Examples of Ticket Management

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Ticket management is the process of managing issues and requests. Tickets are simple data entities for tracking something that needs to be actioned. Ticket management is built into a broad range of software and is an extremely common business tool. The following are examples of ticket management functionality.

Trouble Ticket

Tickets for recording an issue or perceived issue.

Support Ticket

Tickets for recording a customer or internal request.

Customer Service

Tools for offering customer service such as the ability to view customer accounts and enter orders or returns.

Knowledge Base

Knowledge resources for answering customer inquiries and troubleshooting.

Incident Management

The process of investigating and resolving issues.

Problem Management

The process of investigating root cause and fixing problems that are causing issues.


Monitoring your services to automatically detect issues and create tickets.


Handling automated alarms generated by equipment and software.


A single incident may lead to a flood of thousands of tickets. Correlation is the ability to identify tickets that are all related and handle them all at once.

Ticket Analysis

Investigating tickets to determine their severity and impact. Some tools allow for this to be automated.


Notifying people of tickets.


The process of contacting people to fix incidents or address customer concerns.

Ticket Analytics

Viewing ticket data such as volumes to manage resources and optimize ticket management.

Customer Satisfaction

Doing everything possible to keep the customer happy. For example, regularly updating them on the status of their request.


Tools that allow customers to view their own tickets. Tickets are regularly updated with status and troubleshooting information.


Maintaining historical tickets.


Semi-automation of support processes that creates and assigns tasks when something needs human attention.


Reporting customer support and incident management metrics such as customer satisfaction and mean time to repair.
Overview: Ticket Management
The process of managing issues and requests.
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