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Customer Experience
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Customer Experience
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22 Types of Touchpoint

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A touchpoint is a mode of interaction between a customer and a business. The following are common types of touchpoint.

Word of Mouth

Things that a customer hears about your brand or product from other people.

Peer Observation

A customer sees people using your products. An important touchpoint for industries such as fashion.


Information about a company from media such as a newspaper article or fashion blog.


Product and service reviews obtained from an ecommerce site or reputation system.


Marketing communications such as a charity event or an advertisement.


Person to person interactions between your employees and customers.


A visit to your website.


Your mobile app or mobile website.

Virtual Environment

A customer visits you in a virtual world such as a game environment.

Physical Visit

A customer visits your retail location, office, showroom or booth at a trade fair. This allows a firm to show off its customer experience including a rich sensory environment, helpful employees, architecture, interior designs, products and services.

First Purchase

A customer's first purchase is often referred to as the moment of truth as it tends to define their impression of your brand.

Purchase Experience

The experience of purchasing something through a digital channel or store. Including elements such as delivery and unboxing. In Japan, it is common for employees to thank customers for a purchase and to walk them out of the store and hand the purchase to them at the door. This is followed by a customary bow as the customer departs.


The experience of receiving purchase orders, bills and receipts. This can have an impact. For example, customers may feel stress if their bill is too complex to understand.

Product Interaction

In some cases, customers spend a lot of time with your products and services.

Product Information

A customer reads your manual or searches for a video that explains how to use your product.


You ask the customer for feedback. This can be an negative experience as customers are commonly asked for feedback dozens of times a day.

Service Information

You communicate service information to a customer such as announcing a flight delay.

Customer Service

A customer asks for help with something.

Compliments & Complaints

A customer complains or compliments you directly or in a public forum.

Customer Relationships

Establishing an ongoing relationship with a customer whereby you remain in contact. This takes many forms such as loyalty programs, newsletters, mailing a product catalog or a salesperson giving customers a call to follow up on a recent purchase.


A customer purchases your product through a distribution partner.


In some cases, a customer purchases your products through an intermediary with whom you have no relationship such as an ecommerce seller.
Overview: Touchpoint
An event that impacts a customer's experience.
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