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Management is the practice of planning, leading and controlling an organization, department or team to achieve business goals. It is a broad discipline that's essentially as diverse as business itself. The following are major types of management.

Risk Management

Identification and management of potential outcomes that threaten an organization's goals. Most management positions include some risk management responsibilities. It is also a specialized skill in industries such as financial services. Some management disciplines, such as project management, are heavily focused on risk management.

Financial Management

Financial management is directing and the cash and credit of a business. It is common for managers at every level of an organization to have some financial management responsibilities that range from delivering quarterly reports to administering small team budgets.

Change Management

The practice of leading organizational change. Typically focused on human-factors such as resistance to change.

Executive Management

Managers who report to a board of directors or the leader of an organization such as a Chief Executive Officer.

Middle Management

A term for managers who report to executive management. In some cases, middle managers are responsible for a strategy or function but have few people reporting to them. In other cases, they manage a division or department. The term middle management has a somewhat negative connotation.

Team Management

Team management, or line management, are terms that are often applied to the management of teams that directly contribute to the output of an organization. They are typically supervisory roles that are focused on managing processes and projects.

Project Management

The management of projects. Amongst the most mature of all management disciplines with a number of extensive methodologies, processes and techniques. In many cases, project managers are certified in at least one methodology.

Program Management

The management of multiple related projects.

Construction Management

A type of project management that requires knowledge of the construction industry such as laws, regulations, materials, terminology, quality factors and risks related to construction projects.

Operations Management

Management of the core processes of a business.

Resource Management

A broad term that can include management of human resources such as employees and non-human resources such as property, plant and equipment.

Human Resource Management

The practice of managing relationships with employees, regulators and organized labor representatives with the goal of maximizing employee performance. Human Resource Management is considered a specialized role that requires knowledge of the field, people skills and respect for privacy.

Innovation Management

Management of activities that produce new knowledge, products, services or techniques. Often considered a specialized field that demands a flexible, lightweight style of management.

Knowledge Management

The discipline of developing, retaining and effectively using knowledge.

Asset Management

A broad category of management that includes a number of different disciplines such as investment management or operations management related to physical assets such as buildings, property and capital equipment.

Investment Management

The management of assets, funds and securities in order to achieve returns and manage risks. The goal of investment management is often to optimize the risk-reward ratio within the bounds of a particular risk tolerance in an environment of ever-changing business conditions.

Marketing Management

A department-specific flavor of management responsible for marketing activities such as product development and promotion.

Production Management

Management of industrial processes such as a manufacturing production line.

Strategic Management

An approach to management that involves developing and implementing strategies. Usually associated with executive management.

Public Administration

Management of government ministries, departments or teams to implement government policies and deliver government services.

Sales Management

Management of sales teams or sales operations functions.

Technology Management

Technology Management, or IT Management, is a specialized discipline for delivering information technology or infrastructure services and projects.

Public Asset Management

Management of public infrastructure and facilities such as roads, waterways, airports and schools. Focused on managing the service life cycle of public assets.

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is a set of structures, principles, practices and processes that are used to direct and control a company. Its goal is to balance the interests of stakeholders in the company including shareholders, creditors, management, employees, customers, partners, governments, regulators and the communities in which the company operates.
Overview: Management
The direction and control of resources and people to achieve business objectives.
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