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9 Examples of Unboxing

Unboxing is the customer experience of opening a product, examining it and using it for the first time. This is a moment of truth that influences customer satisfaction, product ratings, word of mouth and brand image. The following are common examples of unboxing.

Customer Experience

Unboxing is important to first impressions of a product. In the 1990s, it was common for electronics to be packaged in thick sealed plastic that was extremely difficult to open. This was done for "security" and benefited firms because packages commonly ended up destroyed after opening such that it was difficult to return products. With the commercialization of the internet, product reviews and independent media coverage became important to sales. Products with poor packaging often received low ratings. This lead to improvement of packaging such as electronics shipped in cardboard boxes that are easy to open.


Packaging may be a factor in the usability of a product. This is particularly true when the product remains in its package. For example, shredded cheese in a package that is easy to reseal. It is increasingly common to build functionality into packaging such as a package that turns color when a product has expired.


Packaging may be designed to encourage reuse. For example, luxury goods may be packaged in boxes that use fine materials and demonstrate craftsmanship. It is common for customers to reuse such boxes.


People enjoy reading the information on packaging and this may add to the customer experience. For example, technology enthusiasts may enjoy reading technical specifications, particularly figures of merit.

Trade Dress

Packaging is a space to visualize your brand. As such, packages can be viewed as a critical element of brand identity. For example, a particular brand of diamond ring may be sold in a box that has become iconic due to its unique visual appeal and media exposure. Trade dress is protected by intellectual property law.

Social Status

Packaging and shopping bags may communicate social status. For example, luxury goods are typically placed in shopping bags that are made with high quality materials. Such shopping bags clearly communicate the brand and make it visually clear a shopper has just made an expensive purchase.

Unboxing Video

An unboxing video is a popular category of media that documents the unboxing experience. This typically involves opening the product, looking it over and using it. This may be accompanied with detailed information about the product and comparisons to other products. Unboxing videos may be useful to consumers as products are often poorly described such that their appearance, size, functions, features and compatibility may be unclear from product descriptions. In the case of fashion, a regular person may try on items in a way that shows the real product more realistically than a glossy lookbook with professional models.

Haul Video

A haul video is an unboxing video that features multiple items. For example, a fashion enthusiast may show an audience everything he purchased on a shopping trip. This has a slightly different audience and purpose from unboxing videos that are generally more useful for researching a specific purchase. It is possible that haul videos simulate the thrill of consumerism and that viewers mostly view them as entertainment.


Unboxing and haul videos may generate demand for products, it is common for firms to sponsor such videos or to provide free product. Laws in many jurisdictions require that such arrangements be clearly disclosed to the audience.
Overview: Unboxing
The customer experience of opening a product, examining it and using it for the first time.
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