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14 Examples of Value Added Reselling

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A value added reseller, commonly known as VAR, is a firm that creates products and services that happen to include the products and services of other firms. This is a business model that adds value beyond simply reselling another firms products. The following are illustrative examples of a value added reseller.
A restaurant that sells your brand of soft drink.
Mobile phones that contain your memory chips.
A home builder that installs your air conditioners.
A cake maker that uses your candy as a topping.
A solar panel installer that installs your panels.
A security company that installs your security cameras.
A consultant that sells and supports your software.
A general contractor that sells and installs your window products.
An appliance manufacturer that uses your fans in its products.
An artist who paints and resells your snowboards.
An ice cream truck that sells your ice cream.
A seller who bundles your outdoor products with other products to offer camping sets.
An airline that offers your movies in flight.
An influencer that sells your cosmetics as subscription boxes.


A software company offers an open source platform as a service including customer support and an uptime guarantee.


An automobile customization shop offers products such as brands of headlights installed and configured.


An IT training company uses training materials developed by another company.


A cloud computing company provides specialized sales tools built on top of another company's platform.

Information Security

An information security hardware vendor offers another firm's software with its products.


A local delivery company offers to pick up takeout from any restaurant in town and deliver it.


An IT company in Japan sells a German hardware product with local implementation and maintenance support in Japan based on an exclusive distribution agreement with the German firm.


A wedding planner offers packages that include services from wedding venues, photographers, hotels, catering and limousine companies.


A food company purchases large containers of organic olive oil and repackages it in convenient sizes for distribution to retail shops.
Overview: Value Added Reseller
A business that creates products and services built on top of the products and services of other firms.
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