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13 Types of Visual Branding

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Visual branding are the visual elements that give a brand a unique identity in a crowded market. The following are common types of visual branding.


The primary visual symbol of a brand.


The style and appearance of text. In many cases, a brand uses a different font for its brand name and text that is meant to be highly readable such as marketing copy.


Distinctive shapes of products and packaging.


Abstract symbols that represent a brand such as an emblem on the grill of an automobile.


Brands typically adopt a color scheme meant to convey identity with techniques such as color symbolism, color harmony and color temperature.


Materials used in products, packaging and environments.


Finish such as a glossy shine to products.


Composition such as the layout of advertisements.

Personalities & Characters

Faces and mascots that represent a brand such as the founder of a company or a fictional character.


Distinctive architecture such as a flagship location.


Interior designs such as a chain of restaurants styled to look like an American diner from the 1950s.

Product Styling

A recognizable style that comes through in products such as a fashion designer that people can recognize without seeing a label.

Promotional Styling

A distinctive visual style related to marketing communications such as advertisements. Just as a filmmaker can have a style that allows fans to instantly recognize her work, advertisements can have a consistent style that people recognize.
Overview: Visual Branding
The visual elements that give a brand a unique identity in a crowded market.
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