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74 Examples of Life Events

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Life events are changes that have a great influence on the course of your life. These often become clear only in retrospect whereby events that are seemingly significant now may begin to feel small after some time passes. In some cases, a seemingly negative event works out positively in the long term and vice versa. The following are common examples of life events.
Achieved a Goal
Adopted a Child
Adopted a Pet
Altruistic Acts
Began a Habit
Birth of a Child
Business Failure
Buying a Home
Career Change
Completion of Big Projects
Divorce / Separation
Epic Experience
Family Reunion
Fired / Laid Off
First Apartment
First Day of School
First Job
First Love
First Steps
First Words
Gained Rights and Freedoms (e.g. reached age of majority)
Gave Up On a Goal
Getting Out of Hospital
Illness & Injury
Important Tests / Exams
Initiation of Big Projects
Investment Loss / Gain
Joined an Group / Organization
Last Day at a Job
Launch of a Startup
Lifestyle Change
Loss of a Home
Lost a Loved One
Lost a Pet
Major Decisions
Met Future Spouse / Life Partner
Met a Friend
Military Service
Moment of Wonder and Clarity
Obtained Citizenship / Permanent Residence / Immigration Visa
Obtained a License or Qualification
Opened a Small Business
Quit a Bad Habit
Quit a Job
Quit a School / Group / Organization
Reached a Symbolic Age (e.g. 40)
Realized Something Important
Rites of Passage
Solved a Problem
Started a New Hobby
Transformative Experience (e.g. hitting rock bottom)
University / College Acceptance
Won an Award
Won an Important Game

Life Milestones

Transitions that are viewed as steps into new life stages or experiences.

Rites of Passage

Celebrations that recognize the milestones of an individual's life. This includes things like birthdays at culturally significant years such as the age of majority.

Personal Events

Events related to your personal life such as relationships, experiences and family life.

Educational Milestones

Significant events, accomplishments and transitions in your academic life.

Career & Business

Transitions, challenges and successes in your career or business.

Global & Social

Changes to society that are fully beyond your control but nonetheless may influence your life greatly such that you may view them as events in your life.
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Life Events

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