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60 Examples of Life Problems

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Life problems are situations that an individual perceives an obstruction or issue in the way of their happiness or goals. Everyone experiences problems such that this is a regular part of the human experience. The process of clearing problems is a life skill that allows an individual to continue to thrive despite regular setbacks. The following are common examples of life problems.
Access to Education
Access to Healthcare
Accidents & Injuries
Bad Habits
Career Setbacks
Champagne Problems
Commuting Stress
Cost of Living
Cost of Nutrition
Debt / Bills
Demands on Time
Domestic Responsibilities
Exposure to Pollution
Family Instability
Financial Losses
Friendship Breakups
Health Issues
Immigration Status
Insults & Unfairness
Lack of Direction / Motivation
Lack of Meaning / Purpose
Lack of Opportunity
Lack of Resources
Living Conditions
Loss of Loved Ones
Loss of Rights & Freedoms
Low Performance
Mental Health Issues
Parenting Dilemmas
Poor Behavior
Privacy Issues
Quality of Education
Rumors / Misinformation
Safety & Security
School Setbacks
Social Isolation
Social Rejection
Social Setbacks
Task / Project Failures
Tax Burden
Working Conditions
Working Hours
Workplace Conflict
Workplace Demands / Pressure
Workplace Safety


Systematic or broad conditions beyond your control that represent an obstacle or disadvantage. Adversity can apply to individual situations or to entire groups of people.

Personal Problems

Problems that are particular to your life including situations such as accidents that are beyond your direct control and things that are within your control such as your behavior.

Professional Challenges

Problems related to your job, business or working life. Professional challenges can be related to income, working conditions, job loss, workplace conflict and stress.

Social Problems

Life problems related to your social life, relationships and network of social support. These include conflict, isolation and problems establishing durable social relationships that satisfy your social needs. Social challenges are extremely common as relationships with people can be difficult.

Existential Problems

Problems related to living a life of purpose and meaning. This is a philosophical or spiritual thing whereby you decide upon your purpose and what life means to you and try to align your behavior to that purpose.


Life problems are challenges in meeting your life needs including basic physiological needs and higher level social, cognitive, cultural and spiritual needs. Problems are the rule and not the exception whereby the human experience always involves problems. The process of overcoming problems or at least trying to overcome them is what shapes you as a person over time.


Champagne problems is a term for the problems of affluent people that may appear to be quite trivial from the perspective of less affluent people. For example, being disappointed at the quality of service at a luxury spa.

Life Problems

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