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Customer Experience
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Customer Experience

7 Examples of Customer Focus

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Customer focus is the principle that a business be planned, operated and measured in terms of the customer. This is commonly embraced in areas such as marketing, customer service and product development. The following are illustrative examples of customer focus.

Customer Needs

Developing products and services to meet customer needs. Avoids marketing myopia whereby a firm focuses on product improvement even when that improvement isn't desired by customers.

Customer Preferences

Viewing customers as individuals with different preferences. For example, allowing customers to configure your products to their liking.

Customer Experience

Going beyond customer needs to look at your end-to-end customer journey. This requires everything to be designed for the customer including things like processes and user interfaces.

Voice of the Customer

Getting to know your customers such that you have a pulse on your customer experience. For example, using lead users to drive innovation and design.

Customer Advocates

Paying certain employees to represent the interests of customers as opposed to the firm. This can be used to drive change to processes, products and terms that are difficult for customers to champion themselves.

Customer is Always Right

Developing a culture of respect for the customer with principles such as customer is always right.


Measuring results in terms of the customer such as customer acquisition cost, customer churn, customer lifetime value and customer satisfaction.
Overview: Customer Focus
The principle that a business be planned, operated and measured in terms of the customer.
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Customer Experience

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