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7 Types of Acceptance Testing

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Acceptance testing is the practice of confirming that a product, service, system, process, practice or document meets a set of requirements. As the term suggests, acceptance testing is the process of accepting a project release or change request for launch. The following are common types of acceptance testing.

Non-Functional Testing

Non-Functional testing is a broad term for any test designed to confirm a non-functional requirement. This includes areas such as accessibility, quality, security, operations and design that aren't considered a functional requirement by a particular business unit.

Operational Testing

Testing conducted by teams who are responsible for support, maintenance and day-to-day operations of a process, service or system. Operational testing confirms requirements such as performance, interoperability, backup, recovery and maintenance procedures.

Performance Testing

Performance testing confirms that user interfaces and automation remain responsive under anticipated workload, volumes and stresses.

Regression Testing

Regression tests confirm that changes didn't break existing functionality or non-functional qualities.

Smoke Testing

A basic test that a build is successful. Typically performed by developers before announcing that a release is ready for testing. The term extends from initial product development tests that switch on an electronic device for the first time in the hopes that it doesn't begin smoking and catch on fire.

Security Testing

The practice of testing information technology for security vulnerabilities using known threats and attack patterns.

User Acceptance Testing

Testing of user interfaces by stakeholders or test analysts representing stakeholders.


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