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35 Examples of Build Quality

Build quality is the degree to which a product is fit for purpose and free of defects. This relates to the quality of materials, manufacturing, assembly, design and inspection. High build quality indicates diligence and attention to detail in production processes that are accurate and precise with low tolerance for imperfections. The following are illustrative examples of build quality.
Complies to applicable product standards
Corrosion resistance
Design is fit for purpose
Dimensional accuracy
Edge finish
Electrical wiring and components comply to standards
Fire safety
Fit and finish – general alignment and polished finish
Flatness and correct angles – not unlevel
Heat resistance
Impact resistance
Look and feel
Manufacturing consistency
Materials durability
Materials hardness
Materials quality e.g. metal vs plastic
Materials traceability – you document where materials originated
Packaging quality
Paint adhesion
Precision of assembly
Quality control - accuracy and precision of the process
Rust resistance
Scratch resistance
Sound properties – isn’t loud in operation
Structural integrity and rigidity
Surface feel
Surface finishes
Surface is clean and hygienic
Thermal insulation
Thermal properties – e.g. doesn’t get hot
Tolerance limits
Vibration damping
Water resistance
Weld strength
Overview: Build Quality
The degree to which a product is fit for purpose and free of defects.
Quality Control
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