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30 Examples of Business Quality

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Business quality is the amount of consistent value that your business produces for customers and other stakeholders. This relates to the quality of your designs, operations and services. There are also specific business processes that work to improve quality such as customer advocacy, quality assurance and quality control. The following are basic examples of business quality:
Product Quality
The overall fit for purpose quality of your products.
Service Excellence
Friendly and professional service that meets customer needs.
Service Culture
The norms and expectations in an organization around service and respect for the customer.
Design Quality
Products that are designed well such that they have much perceived value.
Quality Assurance
The high level process of improving quality across an organization including design quality.
Quality Control
The process of making sure that delivered products and services conform to specifications and policy.
Build Quality
The quality of materials, manufacturing and assembly of products.
Packaging Quality
The quality of your packaging.
Brand Quality
Consistent quality levels across a brand.
Regulatory Compliance
Complying with industry regulations.
Standards Compliance
Complying with industry and product related standards.
Customer Support
How well you respond to customer requests, complaints and inquiries.
Customer Advocacy
Obtaining customer feedback and using that to improve quality.
Customer Experience
The end-to-end experience of customers including every interaction with your business.
Customer Satisfaction
Customers self-rated satisfaction is a standard way to measure overall quality.
Ratings & Reviews
The opinions of customers as expressed online.
Employee Experience
Being a good employer with satisfied employees.
Terms and Guarantees
Offering fair and generous terms, guarantees and return policies.
Billing Quality
Accurate and precise billing that is easy to understand.
Communication Quality
How well you communicate with stakeholders such as customers and the public.
Brand Recognition
Having a recognized brand.
Brand Image
How customers feel about your brand.
Business Reputation
Having an established reputation in the minds of stakeholders.
Corporate Culture
The norms of behavior in your organization.
Partner Management
How well you manage partners to ensure the extended quality of your business.
Risk Management
Managing the risks to your business.
Environmental Impact
Working to reduce the environmental impact of your products, services and operations.
Social Responsibility
Being a good business for people and planet including your extended operations such as sourcing.
Not hiding things about your business.
Corporate Accountability
Owning failures and shortfalls and working to correct and improve.


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