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4 Examples of Conformance Quality

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Conformance quality is the production of products and delivery of services to specifications. Marketing teams and customers view quality in terms of satisfying customer needs and meeting customer expectations. Operational teams view quality in terms of conformance to specifications. Conformance is achieved with processes of quality control and quality assurance. The following are illustrative examples.


A bicycle tire manufacturer tests every unit off a production line. When a problem is found, it is escalated to quality assurance teams who investigate and address the root cause of the nonconformance.


A telecom company performs quality control with network testing tools that evaluate quality factors such as latency. When an issue it found it is escalated to incident management. Quality assurance teams follow up on incidents to address persistent problems.


A high speed train maintenance team performs quality control inspections of all work to confirm it complies with maintenance procedures.


A software-as-a-service provider monitors services to ensure conformance to service level agreements. Violations of SLA are escalated to service management processes. The process of service management is monitored by a quality assurance team that looks at overall process improvements.
Overview: Conformance Quality
The production of products and delivery of services to specifications.
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