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14 Examples of Critical To Quality

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Critical to quality are implementation parameters that allow products and services to meet customer needs, expectations and preferences. They are often things that customers don't directly notice but produce results that customers demand. The following are illustrative examples.


Customers want their phone to continue to operate after they drop it. Critical to quality: a damage-resistant material for the screen.

Customer Service

Customers want fast service at a restaurant. Critical to quality: sufficient staffing and processes such as shift scheduling and forecasting.


Customers want a tasty salad. Critical to quality: at least 5 ingredients besides lettuce, at most 50% lettuce by volume.

Bliss Point

Customers want a salad that is just the right size as a side or light meal. Critical to quality: salads that are between 300 and 600 grams, or 10 to 20 ounces.


Customers want an air conditioner to work immediately when they turn it on. Critical to quality: begin delivering cool air with subsecond delay.


Customers want to generate enough electricity from their rooftop solar system to power their home. Critical to quality: conversion efficiency of solar cells > 20%.


Customers want their ecommerce orders delivered the next day. Critical to quality: a network of distribution centers within close proximity to where customers live.


Customers want menu items at a restaurant to taste the same each time they order it. Critical to quality: processes and training for producing menu items to an exact specification or recipe.


Customers want to see their credit cards transactions immediately from their banking app. Critical to quality: real time integration between banking and credit card systems.


Customers want a quiet hotel room. Critical to quality: sufficient sound proofing between rooms.


Customers want toys that don't have a chemical smell. Critical to quality: use of non-toxic materials that don't have an odor.


Customers want electronics that are easy to open and repackage if they need to return it. Critical to quality: packaging that requires little strength or thought to open that is easily resealed such as a cardboard box.


Customers of a restaurant have diverse dietary restrictions. Critical to quality: allergy information on menus, at least one vegetarian option in each category of food.


Customers expect ecommerce orders to be easy to return. Critical to quality: generous return policies, free pickup of returns, network of convenient customer service locations.
Overview: Critical To Quality
Implementation parameters that achieve allow products and services to meet customer needs, expectations and preferences.
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