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56 Examples of Defects

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A defect is a nonconformance to requirements, specifications, standards or designs. It is also common for defects to be defined as a nonconformance to stakeholder expectations. For example, if customers broadly view something as a bug, failure or shortcoming that can be considered a defect. The following are illustrative examples of a defect.
Missing functionality
Incorrect functionality
Functionality not documented in requirements
Missing validation
Incorrect validation
Calculation error
Broken link
Data missing
Data corruption
Data incorrect
Performance issue
Security vulnerability
Usability flaw
Visual design flaw
Compatibility issue
Navigation incorrect
Incorrect formatting
Text incorrect
Display cutoff
Language support incorrect
Localization issues
Transaction not executed
Transaction executed with incorrect results
Doesn’t integrate
Page doesn’t display properly
Notifications are incorrect
Missing components
Incorrect labeling
Packaging problems
Scratches and dents
Faulty wiring
Malfunctioning controls
Loose components
Improperly aligned parts
Color inconsistency / discoloration
Material flaws
Excessive noise
Easily breakable components
Lack of durability
Lack of resilience e.g. not water resistant
Unpleasant odor
Uneven or rough surfaces
Cracked or broken parts
Misaligned seams
Loose connectors
Flimsy construction
Unresponsive controls
Broken parts
Build imperfections
Design flaws
Not clean / hygienic
Flawed outputs
Incorrect dimensions
Incorrect formulation
Where something is perceived as a defect that isn't against your requirements, specifications and designs this can be viewed as a defect in your requirements.

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