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5 Examples of Fit For Purpose

 , November 27, 2015 updated on December 12, 2016
Fit for purpose is a common term to describe the ideal level of quality for products, services, processes or information. The term implies that quality is a subjective or situational term that can only be defined in terms of the goals of an organization, individual or set of individuals such as the customers of a business. The following are a few examples of potential fit for purpose criteria:

1. Coffee

Coffee that's fresh, free of harmful chemicals, produced without harming quality of life in its country of origin that tastes good in the eyes of the customer.

2. Mobile Device

A mobile device that's fast, always connected, aesthetically pleasing, easy to use, light, free of annoying features with a wide array of optional apps.

3. Elevators

Elevators that are fast, energy efficient, safe, comfortable, accessible with ample capacity relative to the pedestrian traffic in a given building.

4. Cars

Cars that are safe, energy efficient, reliable, comfortable and fun to drive.

5. Paper Clip

A paper clip that provides just enough tension to hold papers together firmly.
Overview: Fit For Purpose
DefinitionQuality that's ideal for a given use, situation and group of customers.
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