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High quality is a product, service or experience that is unusually valuable to customers. This is indicative of premium or luxury products and services but can also be found amongst standard or value offerings. Quality from low to high is judged according to customer needs. The following are common characteristics of high quality goods and services.

Service Excellence

Professional, helpful, fast and courteous service.

Build Quality

Precise manufacturing, assembly and quality control.


Always works when you need it, even if you drop it.


A product or service that is always the same and free of defects.


Productive, intuitive and friendly to use.

Aesthetic Value

A compelling look and feel – beautiful items.


Useful for everyone.


The overall performance of a product or service such as a fast delivery service.

Design Quality

A design that is fit for purpose meaning that it suits customer needs.

Conformance Quality

Products and services that conform to things like designs, specifications and policies.

Packaging Quality

Packaging that’s informative, useful and pleasing to open.

Safety and Security

A product or service that’s safe and secure.

Comfort and Convenience

Making life easier for the customer.

Experience Quality

Customer experience quality such as the taste of food.

Brand Quality

A brand that offers consistent quality across all of its products and services.

Customer Support

The prompt and professional handling of customer requests, complaints and inquiries.


Treating each customer as an individual with different customer needs.

Attention to Detail

Excellence in the small things such as the table settings at a restaurant.

Materials Quality

The use of relatively premium materials such as wood over plastic.

Ingredients Quality

The perceived quality of ingredients.


Staff are knowledgeable and talented.


Terms that benefit the customer such as a generous return policy.

Customer Satisfaction

A commitment to try to satisfy every customer.

Features and Functions

All of the features and functions that customers really want and none of the features and functions they don’t want.


Being flexible and allowing the customer to change things.

Bliss Point

Providing just enough of a product or service.


Owning mistakes with sincere apologies and immediate corrective action

Customer Advocacy

Listening to the customer and using feedback to improve.
As high quality is relative to customer needs and expectations it can be found in standard or value products and services. In other words, it shouldn't be equated with luxury.

Types of Quality

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