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42 Examples of Process Quality

Process quality is the degree to which a process achieves its objectives in the most efficient way possible. This includes the design of the process and the realities of whether the real world process conforms to this design. It is common for processes to be inefficient, unstable, ad hoc, disorganized and unsupported by systems and data. The following are common examples of process quality.
Defined process objectives
Process design
Process gaps
Process measurements
Process controls
Standard operating procedures
Process automation
Systems quality
Statistical process control
Process monitoring
Data driven processes
Data quality
Error prevention
Process documentation
Defined roles & responsibilities
Segregation of duties
Process training
Error handling
Process integration – processes and systems that work together
Information security
Cost efficiency
Process speed
Lack of bottlenecks and inefficiencies
Efficient use of resources
Audit trail
Process audits
Continuous improvement of the process
Mechanisms for oversight and accountability
Work culture such as service culture
Communication processes
Escalation processes
Issue and problem management processes
Process impact on the customer experience and customer satisfaction
Segregation of duties is a process control that strategically divides authority between different roles. For example, hiring managers who have no control over salary offers such that people can't hire friends with inflated salaries.
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