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47 Types of Quality Assurance

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Quality assurance is the top level pursuit of quality products, services and processes. This goes beyond mere quality control -- the process of achieving specifications. Quality assurance engages customers, improves design, manages risks, achieves compliance and drives improvements to quality across the entire operations of a firm.

Quality Planning

The ongoing process of planning quality objectives and processes.
Quality objectives
Quality metrics
Quality standards
Quality assurance plan
Quality control plan
Training plan
Communication plan
Quality risk management plan
Quality assurance process and procedures

Quality Assurance

The core process of pursuing quality across a firm's operations. This includes the process of engaging customers and continually challenging designs to improve specifications as opposed to merely conforming to them.
Incident management
Problem management and root cause analysis
Corrective actions
Preventative actions
Quality risk management
Quality analysis
Quality metrics and reporting
Quality benchmarking
Customer advocacy
Customer engagement
Customer complaints – addressing the root cause
Customer ratings and reviews – analysis to determine real world quality problems
Customer feedback
Gap analysis
Process improvement
Quality benchmarking
Process re-engineering
Project quality
Product and service development - oversee quality for new products
Cross-functional quality teams

Quality Control

The systematic process of conforming to specifications and policy. This can be applied to processes, services, products and projects. Quality control can be engaged at every step of operations to catch quality problems where they originate. For example, inspections of incoming materials and components.
Developing tests and inspections
Conducting tests and inspections
Automating tests and inspections
Documenting defects
Establishing quality checkpoints
Monitoring quality
Test planning
Quality control for operations
Quality control for customer service
Quality control for projects
Corrective actions
Tracking and reporting defects
Quality sampling
Quality reporting
Fixing defects
Rework processes for defects
Material and component inspection
Partner and supplier report cards
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