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4 Steps of the Quality Assurance Process

The quality assurance process is the end-to-end process of preventing mistakes in products and services. This includes the quality control of products, projects and services. However, quality assurance is much more than quality control whereby it may drive change to culture, business processes and product design that address the foundational root cause of quality shortfalls. The following is the basic quality assurance process.
Plan → Do → Check → Rethink


Define what quality means and how you will measure it and improve it. For example, a luxury hotel that defines service quality in terms of use cases and personas that capture the customer journey. This may be implemented with training, processes, tools, monitoring and performance management.


Implement your plan.


Measure results and engage your customers and other stakeholders to capture perceived shortfalls and opportunities for improvement.


Review the process and your results and think how things could be different. For example, a bread shop that identifies a taste shortfall that hasn't been improved with menu changes as customers seldom return after their first purchase.


The quality assurance process rapidly repeats, often implementing and reporting on improvements monthly.

Quality Assurance

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