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33 Examples of Quality Culture

Quality culture are the habits, norms, values and standards of organizational behavior that influence the quality of products and services. Culture can't be directly controlled by management as it emerges with the shared experiences of employees. However, it is greatly influenced by hiring practices, policies, internal controls and leadership. The following are illustrative examples of quality culture.
A competitive environment where employees continually raise their work quality to outperform peers.
A culture of being friendly to customers and fellow employees [relevant to service quality].
A culture of challenging design assumptions.
A culture of communicating customer feedback whereby everyone knows how products are falling short in the real world.
A culture of engaging customers and advocating for them to improve products and services.
A culture of organizational humility where failures and mistakes are quickly recognized.
A culture of oversight where work is regularly inspected and reviewed.
A culture of professional pride and standards.
A culture of reflection where failures and mistakes are openly discussed.
A management culture where it is unacceptable to be aloof or "high level".
A service culture that respects the customer and takes them at their word.
A service culture where bringing your problems to work is unthinkable.
A service environment where cleanliness is a basic sensibility.
A service environment where it is unthinkable to adopt a negative view of customers.
An environment where attention to detail is a basic requirement.
An environment where management serve as examples of how high quality go (e.g. the manager of a hotel who is extremely adept at satisfying customers and turning around dissatisfaction).
An ownership culture where it is unthinkable to say "that's not my job."
Designers that are fully engaged with customers and the industry such that designs aren't "naive."
Perceptions of margin of error whereby small mistakes are viewed as unacceptable.
Pride in a reputation for quality.
Stopping processes when there is an issue.
Teams where high quality is rewarded with compensation or improved work-life balance.
Teams with a high work ethic.
The discipline of addressing the root cause of problems as opposed to addressing symptoms alone.
The expectation that low quality work with be discarded or fixed.
The expectation that work may be audited at any time.
The expectation that work products may critically reviewed.
The habit of designing processes for quality, measuring and redesigning in a loop.
The habit of designing processes to reduce human error.
The principle that it is not acceptable to blame human error -- human error is designed out of processes.
The view that acceptable defects are zero.
The view that problems are prevented as opposed to passive acceptance of a reactive model of problem management.
The view that products are refined and professions are mastered.
Overview: Quality Culture
The habits, norms, values and standards of organizational behavior that influence the quality of products and services.
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Quality Management

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