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45 Examples of Quality Improvement

Quality improvements are incremental increases in the value of products and services to customers. This is often measured in terms of customer perceptions of quality. In many cases, it is also possible to directly measure a figure of merit that corresponds to higher quality. The following are illustrative examples of quality improvement.
A banking site that's more mistake-proof (reduction of latent human error).
A bicycle that can be adjusted without a tool.
A cleaner hotel room.
A cloud service that continues to operate well when it encounters errors and disruptions.
A coffee can design that is perceived as having more character.
A cosmetic product that's easier to apply.
A food product that more consistent (e.g. always the same size / taste).
A kimono design that's more elegant.
A mobile device that's more secure.
A mobile phone that integrates seamlessly with other technologies.
A more powerful battery.
A night club with a better sound system.
A restaurant interior that is perceived as more luxurious.
A restaurant that is more flexible to special requests.
A restaurant that more accurately aligns to a tradition.
A streaming service that crashes less often.
A streaming service with an easier to use search function.
A train station that's more accessible.
A tv show episode with higher viewer ratings than previous episodes.
An advertisement that's more engaging.
An air-conditioner that's more energy efficient.
An aircraft wing that is lighter but stronger.
An industrial fastener that is more resistant to corrosion.
Faster delivery.
Faster services / technologies.
Fixing a known bug.
Furniture made from a higher grade of wood.
Furniture that's easier to assemble.
Greeting cards printed on a thicker stock of paper.
Increased data storage.
Media that's more accurate, precise and objective.
Packaging that's easier to repackage for returns.
Packaging that's more pleasing to open.
Packaging that's resilient to damage in the supply chain or retail environments.
Pillows that are perceived as more comfortable.
Reformulating a food product to remove chemical ingredients.
Removing an unpopular feature.
Removing hazardous materials from a product.
Safety equipment that is compliant with the latest standards in multiple regions.
Snow tires that slip less on ice in a variety of real world conditions.
Software that's easier to use.
Software that's more productive to use.
Terms of service that are perceived are clearer or more fair.
Tires that are more durable.
Updating a feature to work as users expect it to work.
Overview: Quality Improvement
Incremental increases in the value of products and services to customers.
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