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Quality Management
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58 Examples of Quality Management

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Quality management is the practice of preventing quality failures. This can be applied to products, services, experiences, processes, missions, projects and infrastructure. The following are examples of what's involved in quality management.

Quality Planning

The recurring process of planning quality.
Quality objectives
Customer requirements and customer advocacy
Quality standards
Quality metrics
Quality control plan
Communication plan
Training plan
Quality assurance plan
Resources and schedule
Quality risk management plan

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is the end-to-end process of managing quality across an organization including design quality, build quality, service quality, quality control, customer advocacy and continuous improvement.
Quality management system - the policies, processes and procedures used to manage quality
Quality management software and data
Quality policy
Standards development
Standards compliance
Quality processes and procedures
Quality controls
Quality audits
Monitoring quality
Measuring and reporting quality
Quality benchmarking
Managing quality issues
Corrective actions
Preventative actions
Root cause analysis
Supplier evaluations and monitoring
Quality inspections
Quality documentation
Quality training
Project quality
Design reviews and design quality
Investigating customer complaints and feedback
Customer advocacy – using real world feedback to improve quality
Cross-functional collaboration for quality issues and improvement
Continuous improvement of quality and quality practices

Quality Control

Quality control is about conformance quality -- making sure that operations, projects and services are conforming to policies, standards, processes, procedures, requirements and specifications.
Quality inspections
Quality testing
Test automation
Identifying and correcting defects
Quality measurements
Process controls
Process automation
Standard operating procedures
Work procedures
Control systems
Internal controls
Approval processes
Document control
Quality control for operations
Quality control for projects
Quality control for service delivery


It is common for quality management to conform to standards such as ISO 9001, an international standard for quality management systems. It is also common to adopt a quality methodology or approach such as:
Total Quality Management (TQM)
Six Sigma
Lean Management
Quality Circles
Kaizen & Continuous Improvement
There are many different types of quality including design quality, build quality, conformance quality, service quality, process quality and project quality. These all fall under quality management meaning that it is a massive undertaking that spans the entire operations of a business.

Quality Management

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