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14 Examples of Quality Objectives

 , July 10, 2017
Quality objectives are goals for the value of products, services and processes. It is a basic quality management process to establish a set of quality objectives. Unlike a quality policy, that is set at the top level of an organization, quality objectives can be specific to a department, team, process or project. The following are common types of quality objective.


A goal for conformance to specifications such as 0.1% of items failing quality control and 0% of products being shipped with a defect.


A target for the minimum durability of a product such as 20,000 hours of use.


The efficiency of products and services. For example, a conversion efficiency goal for solar panels.


The performance of product and services as measured by a figure of merit.


On-time performance such as a train line with a goal of less than 0.1% late arrivals.


The stability of a service measured by incidents. For example, a software-as-a-service target to reduce production incidents by 30%.


Reliability goals such as a target of zero bugs in a software release.


A target for the uptime of a service such as 99.99%.


The accuracy of a process or service. For example, an inventory management process that seeks to reduce out of stock items by improving forecasting accuracy. Forecasting accuracy can be measured as the difference between forecast and actual results.


The variety offered by a service such as an ecommerce site with a target to offer the greatest variety of products. This can be measured by benchmarking product selection against competitors by product category.

Customer Service

Customer service objectives are often phased as aspirational goals that paint a picture of the customer experience. Typically measured with customer satisfaction.


Safety targets for a product, project or process. For example, a construction company with an objective of zero safety incidents.


Usability goals such as software that customers find intuitive and pleasing to use. Measured with techniques such as surveys or by measuring customer inquiries. The latter is based on the assumption that intuitive user interfaces generate less questions.


Objectives related to visual appeal, taste, sound, touch and smell. For example, an airline with an objective to have the tastiest first class meals on a particularly competitive route. Measured with customer feedback such as surveys or ladder interviews.
Overview: Quality Objectives
DefinitionGoals for the quality of products, services and processes.
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