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Quality planning is the process of outlining what you will do to achieve quality. This can include specifications of what quality means for a project, product, service or deliverable. Quality planning also captures the policies, processes, practices, activities, documents, metrics and communications that will be delivered to achieve this quality. The following are common examples of what is involved in quality planning.

Stakeholder Analysis

Identity quality roles, responsibilities and stakeholders who will be informed. This can be captured in a RACI matrix.

Quality Policy

Outline or reference your commitment to quality and any quality related principles and policies that your organization has adopted.

Quality Assurance Process

Outline your top level process for planning, managing, controlling, reporting and improving quality.

Procurement Quality

How quality will be evaluated as part of the procurement process for materials, components and services. For example, inspections or quality checks on incoming shipments.

Partner Management

How quality will be managed across partners such as partner scorecards for quality.

Quality Objectives

A list of measurable quality objectives.

Quality Standards

Identify applicable standards.

Quality Control Process

Describe the process for testing, monitoring and measuring quality.

Corrective and Preventive Actions

Practices for preventing and correcting quality non-conformance.

Root Cause Analysis

Outline the process that ensures the root cause of quality non-conformance is identified and addressed.

Quality Requirements

Document or reference quality requirements such as the non-functional requirements of a project.

Product Specifications

Identify product requirements and specifications.

Service Requirements

Identity service requirements and policies.

Quality Criteria

The criteria or benchmarks that will be used to evaluate quality such as acceptance criteria.

Quality Related Training

Outline requirements for quality training.

Quality Reporting

Outline quality metrics and reports that will be delivered.

Quality Documentation

Identify quality documentation and templates or specifications for these deliverables.

Communication Plan

Outline how quality reports, processes and issues will be communicated.

Continuous Improvement

Detail how quality and quality processes will be improved over time.

Customer Advocacy

Discuss how customer feedback is used to improve quality.

Quality Risks

Identity quality risks and how they will be managed.

Quality Audits

Detail how quality will audited.
The list above is quite comprehensive such that it is common for quality plans to reference external documentation for most of these elements. For example, if you are planning the quality for a project you probably won't outline your entire quality assurance process but may reference it.

Quality Planning

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