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45 Examples of Quality Problems

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Quality problems are organizational issues that lead to the production and delivery of low quality products and services. These include gaps in processes, training, systems, technology and procedures that cause regular or continued quality failures. Quality problems can also related to designs, culture and disconnects whereby customer feedback and quality issues don't drive improvement. The following are common quality problems.
Poor design
Inadequate training
Low commitment to quality
Lack of standards
Lack of process and procedure
Flawed processes
Overly complex processes
Latent human error – designs that encourage mistakes
Human error
Poor customer service culture
Poor quality culture
Poor safety culture
Lack of diligence
Maintenance issues
Low supplier quality
Substandard work by partner
Inadequate documentation
Excessive documentation
Outdated technology
Lack of quality equipment
Malfunctioning equipment
Customer feedback is ignored
Poor reviews are ignored
Flawed corporate culture such as corporate narcissism
Lack of root cause analysis
Poor workmanship
Quality control doesn’t feed into operational improvement
Inappropriate cost cutting
Lack of audits and oversight
Inadequate control of outsourced processes
Uncontrolled change to processes
Introduction of technology without consideration of processes
Data quality issues
Insufficient problem traceability
Poor inventory management
Lack of risk management
Lack of regulatory compliance
Contamination of products, ingredients or materials
Counterfeit or substandard parts
Inadequate procurement processes
Cultural and language barriers between partners
Inadequate partner management
Poor supply chain transparency
No culture of continuous improvement

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