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22 Examples of a Quality System

A quality system, or quality management system, is the extended process of achieving the quality standards and objectives of an organization. Conceptually, this includes everything that your organization does to achieve and improve quality products and services. The following are common examples of a quality system.
Defining the functions and qualities of products and services. The quality system may also improve the quality of requirements themselves.
Adopting standards for quality including internal standards that exceed industry standards.
Establishing quality principles to guide decision making and culture.
Quality Culture
Shaping the norms of behavior in an organization that are beyond the direct control of management.
Quality Goals
Defining your measurable targets for quality.
Quality Objectives
Measurable targets that bring you closer to quality goals. These are steps towards goals and can include goals themselves.
Organizational Structure
Structuring roles and responsibilities for quality e.g. separating production and inspection into independent teams.
Internal Controls
Internal controls such as segregation of duties.
A quality policy such as a commitment to listen to customers and use their input to improve.
Information Systems
Systems for managing, monitoring and testing quality.
Quality automation such as machines and systems that perform automated inspections of materials, components and products.
Business Processes
Quality related business processes such as purchasing, production, service delivery and quality control processes.
Structured tasks and activities such as a checklist for cleaning a workstation.
Business Rules
Rules that control processes and procedures.
Preventative Action
Preventing quality problems with proactive processes such as maintenance.
Incident Management
Quickly resolving the symptoms of problems
Problem Management
Resolving the root cause of problems.
Performance Management
Setting performance targets for quality and evaluating all employees against these targets.
Supplier Management
Managing partners and suppliers.
Customer Experience Quality
Monitoring the customer experience to correct shortfalls and improve.
Customer Advocacy
Engaging customers and making sure that customer realities drive quality improvements such as design changes to products.
Continually measuring and improving the quality system itself.

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