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15 Types of Quality Testing

Quality testing is the process of validating that materials, components, products, services and customer experience conform to the quality standards and objectives of an organization. This is applied to projects whereby a design or implementation is tested. Quality testing is also applied to supply chains, production processes and service delivery. The following are common types of quality testing.
Acceptance Sampling
Performing quality testing on a limited number of units from a batch. For example, testing 10% of units off a production line.
Customer Service Monitoring
Monitoring customer interactions to measure service quality. Often based on sampling. These samples may be triggered by factors such as keywords stated by the customer.
First Article Inspection
Producing an initial verision of a design for quality inspection.
Incoming Quality Control
Inspecting supplied materials, components, ingredients and services.
Mystery Customer
Directly testing the customer experience by pretending to be a customer.
Performance Testing
Testing something under load. For example, testing if a system can handle 1 million transactions an hour.
Post-Service Ratings
Testing the quality of services and experiences by directly asking customers to rate their satisfaction.
Quality Inspection
Confirming the quality of a material, component or unit of a product.
Regression Testing
Testing something that was previously tested. This is typically done to confirm that a change didn't have unintended consequences.
Sanity Check
Testing that something is basically working. Commonly done after a new install or release as an initial check.
Service Metrics
Monitoring the quality of customer service with metrics such as queue wait time.
Smoke Testing
An extensive sanity check that confirms basic functions are working.
Systems Integration Testing
Testing that different code fits together as expected. Also known as Systems Testing.
Unit Testing
Testing by the developer of code.
User Acceptance Testing
Testing by representatives of the business unit that owns the customer experience. Never conducted by those who produced the product. Also known as End-User Testing or Application Testing.
Any of the tests above may be automated, manual or both.

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