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80 Examples of Service Issues

Service issues are problems, quality shortfalls and perceived faults of a service. This can include issues with user interfaces, systems, customer service, service delivery and services that customers directly experience such as a shop. The following are common examples of service issues.
Account changes not authorized by customer
Algorithms or AI generate incorrect information
Algorithms or AI generate make irrational decisions
Billing errors
Changes to account without permission
Cluttered interface
Customers unable to access service
Customers unable to cancel
Data corruption
Data leaks
Data loss
Downgraded service quality
Failure to meet SLA
Failure to meet customer commitments
Ignored feedback
Inaccessible facilities
Inaccurate information
Inaccurate reporting
Inadequate error handling
Inadequate error messages
Inadequate security
Inadequate staffing
Inattentive service
Incorrect data processing
Incorrect orders
Incorrect pricing
Incorrect refunds
Incorrect transactions
Information security incidents
Intermittent service disruptions
Lack of accountability
Lack of compliance
Lack of configurability
Lack of diligence
Lack of explanations
Lack of meaningful competition / alternatives
Lack of transparency
Limited availability
Logon issues
Long wait times
Minimalist interfaces with little value or information
Misleading links or buttons
Missed deadlines
Overbooked services
Overreliance on meaningless iconography
Performance degradation
Poor availability – average uptime over a period of time
Poor communication
Poor complaint handling
Poor error tolerance
Poor issue resolution time
Poor performance during peak hours
Poor responses to customer inquiries
Poor usability
Privacy breaches
Service delays
Service downtime
Service errors
Service interruption
Services that are partially down
Short data retention periods
Slow data transfer speeds
Slow load times
Slow responses to customer inquiries
Slow service turnaround time
System glitches
Transactions not authorized by customer
Unauthorized charges
Unclear contracts
Unexplained fees
Unfair terms
Unfriendly atmosphere
Unprofessional support
Unresponsive services
Unresponsive support
User interface encourages human error
User interface alters user input
Vendor lock-in
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Service Quality

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