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11 Examples of Budget Risk

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Budget risk is the potential for the estimates or assumptions built into a budget to turn out to be inaccurate. All budgets are based on future looking forecasts that typically involve some degree of uncertainty. This uncertainty can be managed as a risk. The following are common examples of budget risks.

Cost Overrun

The potential that you will run overbudget.

Revenue Risk

The risk that revenue will fall short resulting in problems funding your budget.

Estimate Accuracy

The risk that cost estimates are inaccurate.

Exchange Rate Risk

Exchange rate volatility that increases your costs.

Schedule Risk

Delays to the schedule typical increase the costs of a project or initiative.

Unplanned Costs

Unanticipated costs such as fines.

Scope Creep

A tendency for the scope and cost of projects to increase due to poor change control or poorly defined requirements.

Price Risk

An increase in the price of inputs such as consulting or IT services.

Inflation Risk

A broad-based increase in prices.

Partner Risk

Poor performance of a partner that results in increased cost.

Resource Risk

The risk that resource issues such as employee turnover will result in missed deadlines and increased costs.
Overview: Budget Risk
The potential for assumptions and estimates built into a budget to be inaccurate resulting in budget control issues such as cost overruns.
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