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Business Impact
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40 Examples of Business Impact

Business impact is the ongoing cost of disruptions caused by a negative event such as a disaster, crime, outage, shutdown, failure or political instability. This can be estimated as part of the process of recovery. Estimates of business impact are also required for risk management, scenario planning, business continuity planning, disaster management and for evaluating the impact of proposed change. The following are common examples of business impact.
Business Failure Costs (costs related to closing a business)
Compliance Violations (e.g. disrupted processes that are required such as paying employees)
Contract Violations / Loss of Contracts
Contractual Penalties
Contractual Penalties (e.g. not meeting a deadline)
Cost Per Hour (e.g. cost of a workaround)
Customer Defection
Customer Dissatisfaction
Damage to Brand Image
Damage to Customer Relationships
Decline in Brand Recognition / Awareness
Disputed Research / Product Development Impacting Future Sales
Disrupted Sales / Marketing Processes Impacting Future Sales
Expediting Costs
Expired Inventory / Aging Inventory
Financial Disruptions (e.g. unable to collect revenues)
Inability to Restart at Same Level of Efficiency
Increased Business Risk
Increased Turnover / Loss of Key Employees
Loss of Capital Equipment
Loss of Contractual Bonuses
Loss of Customers
Loss of Data
Loss of Efficiency
Loss of Investor Confidence
Loss of Knowledge / Know-how
Loss of Market Share to Competitors
Loss of Partnerships
Loss of Revenue (per hour)
Loss of Systems / Software
Loss of a Facility
One Time Costs (e.g. cost of damaged machine)
Process Disruptions (e.g. unable to issue bills)
Production Declines
Recovery & Remediation Costs
Reduced Sales
Regulatory Fines
Reputational Damage
Retrenchment Costs (costs related to the need to close parts of a business)

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