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What is Business Risk?

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A business risk is the potential for losses related to a business. Risks surround everything that a business big or small does. As such, it is common for businesses to identify risks on a regular basis in order to find ways to avoid or reduce future losses. The following are illustrative examples of business risk.


A family-run cafe opens a new location in the lobby of a hotel. They perform an analysis that suggests the location will receive at least 2200 customers a week. There's a chance this analysis will be wrong and few customers will visit.

Exchange Rate

A Canadian firm enters a contract with an American firm to sell them parts for $10 USD each. The firm enjoys a 40% profit margin on each sale. However, if the Canadian dollar goes up in value margins will be reduced because sales are in USD and expenses in CAD.


An ecommerce site will lose millions of dollars a day in revenue if its web site goes down due to a technical failure or a information security incident.

Human Resources

A small business with three employees may have to close its doors for a few days if people get sick at the same time.
Overview: Business Risk
Definition (1)
The potential for future losses related to a business.
Definition (2)
The potential that a business will not achieve goals due to chance events.
Definition (3)
The potential for losses that a business accepts in pursuit of reward.
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