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Facility risk is the potential for losses related to a facility such as a data center, office building or distribution center. This includes the risk of anything that can disrupt your use of a facility such as a disaster, mandated shutdown or infrastructure outage. Facility risk also includes damage created by the facility itself such as a discharge of pollution. The following are common facility risks.

Health & Safety Risk

The risk of health and safety incidents related to a facility.

Fire Risk

The risk of a fire.

Disaster Risk

The risk of a disaster that damages a facility or makes it unavailable.

Security Risk

Physical security incidents such as sabotage, vandalism and other crimes.

Cybersecurity Risk

A cybersecurity incident that interrupts operation of a facility.

Infrastructure Risk

Failure of infrastructure such as energy or internet services that impacts a facility.

Environmental Hazards

Exposure to hazardous materials, contamination or pollution.

Environmental Risk

The risk that a facility will pollute the environment.

Political Risk

Political instability, protests or strike actions that disrupt your use of a facility.

Location Risk

General risks related to a location such as construction work that prevents access.

Compliance Risk

The risk of compliance violations related to a facility.

Regulatory Risk

Risks of new laws or government mandates that impact use of a facility.
Overview: Facility Risk
The potential for facility related failures to result in business disruption and losses.
More Examples
A security threat closes an office building during a critical product launch.
A small fire closes a convention center resulting in the cancellation of a trade show.
A protest prevents access to a retail location.
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