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Partner risk is the potential for losses related to a partner. This includes the risk that a a partner will fail to deliver on their obligations to you and things that are belong the partner's control such as political disruptions that impact their operations. The following are common partner risks.

Financial Risk

Loss of investments or unpaid debts.

Reputational Risk

The partner does something that damages your reputation.

Operational Risk

Process failure or inefficiency such as late delivery that disrupts production.

Legal Risk

The risk of a legal dispute with the partner.

Compliance Risk

Compliance violations or costs related to the partner.

Dependency Risk

Becoming dependent on the partner such that they gain leverage over you.

Vendor Lock-in

Difficulties to end the partnership such as a need to change processes, systems and data.

Intellectual Property Risk

Loss of intellectual property such as trade secrets to the partner.

Cybersecurity Risk

Cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities that originate with the partner.

Country Risk

Risks related to political disruptions in the country of the partner.

Quality Risk

Quality issues related to the partner.

Cultural Risk

The risk that cooperation with the partner will be inefficient due to different organizational cultures.

Environmental Risk

The risk that the partner will damage the environment. This is your extended responsibility.

Social Responsibility Risk

The risk that the partner will have a negative impact on people.
Overview: Partner Risk
The potential that a partner will fail to meet obligations to you.
Specific Examples
A supplier that fails to deliver a critical component for a production process.
An IT consulting company that fails to deliver a technology transformation project to expectations.
A financial partner who goes bankrupt.
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