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55 Types of Risk Control

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A risk control is a process, policy, practice, tool or structure that is used to manage risk on a day-to-day basis. Controls are typically used to reduce risk and comply with regulations, standards and best practices in an industry. The following are common types of risk control.
Anonymity - e.g. blurring faces in a photo
Audit Trail - recording information such as who does what
Authentication - validating identity
Authorization - requiring permission to do things
Automated Controls - systems that implement rules to reduce risk
Backups - backing things up to avoid loss
Bulkhead - a structure that limits damage to some area
Change control - controlling change to systems
Chinese Wall - implementing separate information environments
Continuous Improvement - a process for improving a process
Cryptography - making things secure with encryption
Deletion - deleting and wiping data that is not required
Diversification - investing resources in more than one place e.g. 50 geographically distributed data centers versus one big one
Due Diligence - investigating things with clear accountability for this investigation
Duplication - securing multiple instances of a critical resource
Engineering Controls - engineering such as an air purification system that reduces health risks
Equipment - e.g. safety equipment
Error Tolerance - designing things to continue to function when there is an error
Fail-safe - a mechanism that reduces the impact of failure e.g. traffic lights that blink when they are offline
Four Eyes Principle - having two people conduct an activity
Governance - e.g. a board of directors
Information Security - securing digital resources
Know Your Customer - validation of customer identity / data
Latent Human Error - designing things to prevent human error
Least Privilege - not giving away authority / information beyond what is required
Non-repudiation - proof of a transaction
Oversight Bodies - authorities that monitor authorities
Performance Management - risk can't be controlled without holding people accountable / rewarding performance
Physical Security - securing physical environments such as a sidewalk or office
Principles - such as safety principles on a production line
Reliability Engineering - designing things not to fail
Resilience - designing things to be resistant to stresses
Risk Elimination - completely removing / avoiding a risk
Risk Identification - the process of regularly identifying risks
Risk Measurement
Risk Monitoring - the process of checking if risks are occurring / being controlled
Risk Responses - planning to avoid / mitigate / transfer risk
Risk Sharing - sharing risk with others to reduce its impact/probability
Risk Transfer - e.g. insurance that transfers risk for a fee
Risk Treatment - another term for risk responses such as mitigating risk
Roles & Responsibilities - making it clear who is accountable / responsible
Self-destruct - the ability to destroy something that is lost / compromised
Separation of Duties - structuring responsibilities to prevent a single point of failure
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