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3 Examples of a Risk Profile

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A risk profile is a summary that lists estimates for all the risks associated with a strategy, program, project or activity. Risk profiles are documented and visualized using different methods but are typically based on estimates for the probability and impact of a list of identified risks. The following are illustrative examples.


A document or diagram that communicates the risk associated with an activity such as a job, task or sport. This can be used to generate awareness of risks or to highlight areas that require risk reduction. For example, a government might compare the risks of popular sports such as ice skating, soccer, snowboarding and water skiing to plan safety initiatives.


An individual investor might use a risk profile to illustrate the risk of losses associated with a number of positions.
In the diagram above, each number corresponds an active position that falls into the risk category. For example, the investor has 6 positions that have a 0-5% risk of a loss greater than $100,000. A risk analysis like this would be based on a variety of assumptions such as a time horizon.


It is common for projects to come up with non-financial estimates of risk impact such as high, medium and low. The following project risk profile lists the number of identified risks for a project by their probability and impact.
In the diagram above each box corresponds to the number of identified risks in the risk category. For example, the project has 77 low impact risks with a probability of 20-40%.
Overview: Risk Profile
A document that outlines the risk estimates associated with a strategy, program, project or activity.
Banks sometimes use the term risk profile to refer to a document that outlines the risk tolerance of a client.
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