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74 Examples of Community Involvement

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Community involvement is any activity that adds to the quality of life of a place. This suggests unpaid work or involvement in the culture and life of your community. Simple participation such as dancing in a local festival is involvement. Involvement can also include funding, planning, constructing, maintaining, repairing, coaching, organizing, caring, problem solving and contribution of labor. For example, constructing a skate park for local youth or organizing social events at a local seniors center. The following are common examples of community involvement.
Animal Shelters
Arts (e.g. produce a mural for community organization)
Babysitting (as a volunteer for worthy cause)
Beach Cleanup
Blood Drives
Camping Programs
Charity Auctions
Charity Events
Community Farming
Community Green Spaces (e.g. tree planting)
Community Issue Awareness (e.g. elimination of racial discrimination)
Community Media (e.g. video channel that features local craftspeople)
Community Projects
Community Publishing (e.g. editorial in local newspaper)
Counselling (may require qualifications)
Culture Preservation (e.g. endangered languages)
Debate (an essential element of civic engagement)
Delivery (e.g. meals)
Environmental Awareness
Environmental Monitoring (e.g. monitor air quality to raise awareness)
Event Planning
Exchange Programs
Field Trips (e.g. organize or volunteer to make field trips possible)
Finding Sponsors
Food Banks
Health & Safety Awareness
Heritage Restoration
Host Community Events
International Exchange (e.g. hosting exchange students)
Lessons (e.g. free swimming lessons that promote water safety)
Local Economy (e.g. help to promote a local event)
Local Political Campaigns (e.g. campaign for bicycle infrastructure)
Local Politics
Local Sports
Meals (e.g. soup kitchens)
Natural Disaster Recovery (e.g. help families repair uninsured damages)
Natural Disaster Resilience (e.g. earthquake kits)
Nature Experience Programs
Neighborly Help (e.g. shovel snow for seniors)
Nutrition (e.g. local farming, cooking and social meal programs)
Performances (e.g. at a Children's Hospital)
Performing Arts
Personal Assistance (e.g. drive senior to appointment)
Political Debate
Pollution Awareness
Problem Solving (e.g. campaign for pedestrian infrastructure at dangerous intersection)
Public Speaking
Recreational Facilities
Reuse & Recycling
School Activities
Senior Activities
Sister Cities
Social Meals
Street Cleanup
Student Government
Summer Youth Programs
Teaching (e.g. adult literacy programs)
Urban Restoration (e.g. restore damaged playground)
Urban Safety (e.g. volunteer crossing guard)
Voter Registration Drives
Youth Activities
Youth Sports


Community involvement isn't necessarily altruistic. However, schools and other organizations do commonly equate community involvement with volunteering. For example, a school may not accept dancing in a cultural festival as involvement but helping to organize such an event may qualify.

Cultural Engagement

Participating in cultural organizations, activities and events in your community.

Civic Engagement

Interest and participation in the common direction and purpose of your society and community. Civic engagement mostly centers around political involvement and grassroots efforts to make things better for everyone.

Community Events

Involvement in local events. This has different levels including attendance, participation and organizing events.

Organizations & Clubs

Perhaps the easiest and most durable way to become involved with your community is to join local institutions, organizations and clubs such as schools, social clubs or sports teams.

Lifelong Learning

Learning is a common way to engage with others. In youth, it is common for community involvement to center around school and related events and activities. This can be continued at every life stage whereby the pursuit of learning is likely to connect you to others in your community.

Local Business

Community involvement need not be non-profit and altruistic. For example, if you start a small local business you may become quite involved with others where you live as employees, customers, partners and so forth. It is also common for businesses themselves to engage with the community with outreach such as sponsoring local events or sports teams.


Community involvement is any activity that engages others in the community in which you live. This includes active participation such as volunteering, civic engagement and contributing to local events and initiatives. Community involvement also includes engagement whereby you know people in your community and socialize with them in some way.

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