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40 Examples of Demographics

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Demographics is the practice of identifying groups of people in a population by their characteristics. It is common for a business to use demographics as a target market and/or target audience. The following are common types of demographics.
Marital status
Family size
Household composition
Education level
Literacy rates
Employment status
Socioeconomic status
Income level
Wealth & savings
Geographic location
Urban or rural residence
Housing type
Family structure
Number of children
Marriage rate
Age at first marriage
Fertility rate
Birth rate
Age at first childbirth
Death rate
Divorce rate
Poverty rate
Health status
Life expectancy
Citizenship & immigration status
Military service
Disability status
Employment industry
Employment by sector


Age such as a theater production with a target audience of adults over 40.

Life Stage

Marketers are often more interested in the customer's life stage than their exact age. For example, a credit card that targets college students including anyone who is actively enrolled in a college at any age.


Gender such as a shampoo for men.

Sexual Orientation

Sexual orientation such as an advertisement designed to appeal to gay men.


A group of people who identify with each other based on their common ancestry, language, history, society, culture or nation. For example, a Canadian bank that targets French Canadians with an advertising campaign.


Residential status such as insurance that targets homeowners.


Education level such as a film that is likely to appeal to university educated adults over 35.

Relationship Status

Relationship status such as shoes that are marketed to single females in their 20s.


Family status such as empty nesters who raised a family that has grown up and moved out. Empty nesters are an important demographic in areas such as travel and real estate.


People with disabilities such as a travel service that specializes in travelers with physical disabilities.


Income levels such as a restaurant that targets high income individuals who frequent a resort area.


Wealth based demographics such as families with more than $1 million in net wealth. For example, it is common for banks to be more interested in wealthy customers than high income customers.


Targeting a profession such as an price promotion for teachers.


Lifestyle based demographics such as urban versus small town residents. For example, an advertising campaign for a truck that targets rural and small town residents.

Demographics vs Customer Needs

Customer needs are things that a customer requires, wants or expects from a product or service. This is another common way to define a target market or target audience. For example, an advertising campaign might target customers who need camping gear without any consideration of demographics.

Demographics vs Psychographics

Psychographics is the practice of identifying groups of people based on how they think. Demographics is the practice of identifying groups of people based on information about their identity. Psychographics is often more helpful to marketers but more difficult to target. For example, a shampoo product might target customers who want to minimize their impact on the environment. This describes how customers think as opposed to their social characteristics.


The following are the basic types of demographics.
Overview: Demographics
The practice of identifying groups of people in a population by their characteristics.
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