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63 Examples of Modern Life

Modern life describes how people live now as compared to historical periods that precede the modern age. Technically speaking, the modern-era began as early as 1500. As life now has almost nothing in common with life in 1500, a more practical definition of modern life would be the lives of people living today whereby people can live one hundred years or more. The following are broad trends in life over the past century.
Access to advanced technology
Access to diverse cultural activities and experiences
Access to sanitation
Automobile culture – world filled with roads and cities expanded outwards
Changing social values
Chemical industry – vast array of chemical products developed
Climate change
Consumer culture – fulfilling needs by buying products or services
Convenience culture – common to have products delivered to the door
Creative culture - pursuit of creative hobbies such as diy and professions such as design
Culture such as film, sport, music and fashion that operates at a global level
DNA sequencing
Digital banking, payments and currency
Economic competition that is often at a global level with less protectionism
Environmental issues such as poor air quality
Extended life expectancy
Extended public transportation systems
Genetically modified organisms
Global communication systems
Global data connectivity
Greater access to food options
Greater economic stability
Greater gender equality
Greater racial and ethnic diversity and inclusion
High productivity rates
High rate of social progress
High rate of technological change
Higher GDP per capita
Improved standard of living
Information age – widespread access to copious information
Internet age
Knowledge economy
Large number of subcultures based on things like lifestyle, hobbies and aesthetics
Large number of professions and career paths
Lifelong learning required to keep up with change
Longtail – ability for anyone to compete with professionals using technology
Mass production
Medical advancements
Misinformation – issues such as fake news
Mixed reality
More diverse industries, professions and economic activity
More extensive public health programs and initiatives
More leisure time
More stable and diverse financial markets
Nuclear age – capacity for nations to destroy the world
Online bullying
Relatively open markets
Service economy - a shift towards services and away from products
Smartphones – widespread access to computing from anywhere
Social media – global conversation 24/7
Space exploration
Streaming media – access to huge catalogs of music, film and entertainment on demand
Stronger social safety nets
Student debt
Surveillance technology
Transportation revolution – widespread access to global travel
Video games
Virtual worlds
Working from home
The list above takes a slightly positive view because we have listed modern issues separately here.
Generally speaking, people tend to have a negative view of modern life but if you compare to say 100 years ago -- most things have improved quite a bit on a global basis. For example, global life expectancy was around 35 years in 1923 and around 73.16 years in 2023. If you take a long view at the scale of centuries, the trend is clear that all or almost all nations have made progress towards a higher quality of life.

Modern Life

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