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12 Examples of Quality Time

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Quality time is the practice of setting aside time for something that is important to your quality of life. The term implies that you completely devote your time to an activity without distraction. The following are illustrative examples.


Prioritizing sleep by setting aside a period such as 8 hours to try to sleep without distractions such as a smart phone.


Setting aside time each day or week for leisure such as watching a film.


The term quality time is associated with personal life and socialization. However, depending on the context it can also apply to work. For example, a person with an active social life may set aside quality time to focus on their profession.


Exercising as a habit to prioritize your health and sense of well-being.


Devoting time to family members such as parents, a spouse or children. For example, a mother or father who often devotes time to family trips, sports, games, playing and reading to children on weeknights and weekends.


Prioritizing social activities such that you are reliable and focused on your friends when you meet them.


Time for community interaction and volunteering.


Self-improvement projects such as learning or practicing a skill. For example, an expat in Germany who devotes an hour a day to learning German to better integrate with the local culture.

Hobbies & Interests

Dedicating time to the pursuit of hobbies or interests.

Peak Experiences

Finding time to pursue experiences that are unusual, thrilling, moving and/or meaningful. For example, an individual who finds time each year to sail across an ocean.

Personal Reflection

Time for thought or meditation. For example, an individual with a strong work ethic who takes a day off to do nothing.

Quality Time vs Quantity Time

The term quality time is occasionally used to suggest that an intense experience is equivalent to a longer, less intense experience. For example, parents who don't spend much time with their children but when they do they take them on interesting vacations. The opposite approach can be termed quantity time, or the practice of devoting a large portion of your time to something you view as important. For example, a parent who switches to a part-time job to spend far more time with their children. Quality time and quantity time aren't necessarily mutually exclusive as you could spend a large amount of quality time on something.


Quality time implies that you prioritize an activity such that you are unlikely to cancel it. This further implies that you focus on an activity such that you are unlikely to be distracted or disrupted.
Overview: Quality Time
A period of time that you set aside to prioritize and focus on an activity or interaction that you view as important to your quality of life.
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