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52 Examples of a Social Experience

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Social experiences are interactions with other people. Humans are innately social and thrive in communication, comradery and competition with others. Social experiences are required to develop communication and social skills. In this context, both positive and negative social experiences are potentially beneficial. For example, learning to deal with people you find difficult can be one of the long term benefits of social environments such as a school. The following are common examples of social experiences.
Clubs & Meetups (e.g. book clubs)
Conflict Resolution
Conversation via Letters / Messaging / Email
Cooperative Work / Teamwork
Cultural Participation
Customer Service Interactions
Dating / Romance
Dealing With People You Find Difficult
Dinner Parties
Enrichment Activities (e.g. piano classes)
Entrepreneurial Ventures (e.g. hiring employees)
Family Activities / Conversation
Festivals / Concerts
Going Out For Lunch / Dinner
Greeting / Talking to Neighbors
Group Study / Studying With Friends
Human Interactions in Virtual Reality
Introducing Yourself
Language Immersion / Language Exchange
Massively Multiplayer Online Games
Online Forums
Play / Playgrounds (e.g. cooperative play such as tag)
Political Participation
Protests & Direct Action
Public Speaking
Recreational Activities (e.g. exercise classes)
Recruiting / Job Searches / Interviews
School Activities
School Classes
School Recess
School Trips
Small Talk
Social Media
Subculture Activities (e.g. cosplaying)
Summer Camp
Teaching / Instructing Others
Team Sports
Total Institutions
Traveling With Others / Interacting With Locals
Work That Involves Social Interaction
A total institution is an institution such as a prison that governs every aspect of life. This may provide a complete social environment.

Interpersonal Relationships

The people that you get to know if your day to day life.

Social Roles

The social roles that you have taken on including roles related to family, school, extracurricular activities, community life and work.

Social Interactions

Various social situations that you have encountered or regularly encounter. This includes formal situations such as a business negotiation and informal situations such as a party.

Social Accomplishments

Experiences accomplishing things in social realms including interpersonal, community, business and political endeavors.


Any unscripted social interaction can be viewed as a social experience as it may exercise your social skills. For example, negotiation with a customer is both a professional experience and a social experience. In other words, social experiences need not relate to your personal life.
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